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Oct 17, 2020

QC35ii & IPhone Facetime

I am using the headphones with an Iphone 8 plus and works fine but then when I get a facetime call or use it for facetime it acts as if the headphones is not there but settings show it is connected.

Frustrating as I make many video calls and just got these...

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Nov 27, 2020

Re: QC35ii & IPhone Facetime


I have the same issue with the NC 700s and found that a work around for iPhone would be to press where it says speaker and it should show a list of available sound options and I found my headphones there, it’s annoying but it works. 

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: QC35ii & IPhone Facetime

@mskder6Apple is a bit finicky on this for all the voice/phone calls.  I have an iphone 7+ with the latest iOS 14.2.  If the iphone gets an incoming call and you have the QC35 connected, you have to hit the middle button (between + and -) on the QC35ii to answer.  Otherwise the call gets answered by the iphone on it's internal speaker and you would then have to switch the speaker on the iphone.  Alternatively, if the QC35 is off and a call comes in you can turn it on and the call will be answered and the QC35ii.  This is not just a Bose thing.  Same thing happen's in my Prius - if I answer on the phone and not on the button on my steering wheel, the phone speaker is used and not the car speaker.  BTW - same thing is true for the Bose Revolve speaker (you have to answer using the multifunction key).  In fact, on ALL Bose speakers (I have a Revolve and Mini 2), for outgoing calls, it will keep switching back to the iPhone speaker and you may have to switch it back  to the Revolve 2 or 3 times - that is a problem Bose has never addressed.   Otherwise, for outgoing calls (audio, Facetime, Whatsapp, etc.), as long as the QC35 is turned on, I have never had an issue with hearing the call on the QC35.