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Oct 15, 2020

Quiet Comfort 35 Audio Cutting Out



I just received my new Quiet Comfort bluetooth headphones yesterday. All day yesterday they worked fine without any issue but just today the audio started dropping for seemingly no reason. They aren't disconnecting, my computer and the bose app both show that the headphones are still connected, but the audio will just stop working. Disconnecting from the computer settings doesn't automatically fix it. I've needed to turn the headphones off and on again sometimes more than once to make it work. So far this has happened three times in the last hour. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do to fix this. 


Please help, thanks.

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Quiet Comfort 35 Audio Cutting Out

@Kraustastrophe(I do not work for Bose)

You are going to need to do some 'troubleshooting' to see where the 'issue' lies.  First I would connect your QC35 all by itself to your smart device like a phone.  If your audio continues to cut out and the smart device is right next to you, then the issue could like with the QC35.  If you can not get the issue to happen with a smartphone, then more than likely the problem is emanating from the other end.

In that case, other than removing ALL bluetooth devices from your computer and resetting your QC35 back to factory settings with no paired devices, there is not much else you can do from the QC35 end.  In fact, I am 'guessing', that if you take the time to exchange your QC35 with Bose (should they recommend so), you may possibly continue to have the issue with the next pair as well.

Computers come in so many possible models and configurations that the vendors involved will not be able to help or take ownership whether it be Bose, Apple, Microsoft, Dell or HP for example.  You would have to troubleshoot and diagnose the computer end yourself.   Even if you can get a non-Bose BT product to work with your computer, there is no guarantee that a Bose device will since all BT devices are 'programed' using BT functions differently.

So if you are still having an issue and know it works fine with a smart phone, here is what you would need to do on your computer:

1. Try to go to the 'vendor' site of the Bluetooth (BT) hardware (for example my Dell laptop uses Intel BT hardware) and get the latest drivers and install them.  If that does not help, uninstall them and try older versions.

2. Uninstall recent operating system (windows/mac) updates back about two years to see if any of them create a conflict.

3. Look for conflicts with the applications you have installed.  This is a tricky techie thing.  First you would create a complete disk backup image in case you wanted to get back to where you started.  Then you would reinstall the operating system 'from scratch' and test BT.  If that worked, you would reinstall applications one at a time and test until one didn't.  If you completely reinstall and it still does not work than the 'conflict' is with your BT hardware on your computer.

4. In that case, your only remaining option is to totally disable your internal BT hardware and purchase an external BT USB "Dongle" (preferable the old ones using only BT 4 and not the new ones with BT 5 even though they are 'backwards compatible').  I would recommend any that come with "CSR Harmony" drivers.  Not all the dongles will work with Bose and in fact there is no guarantee that any of them work.  I have a SMK Nano dongle (which may no longer be available) and it works on my Dell but that Dell is windows 7.  It could still work for Windows 10 but I have not tested it on my Windows 10 machine.