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May 9, 2020

Quiet Comfort 35 II not working

My QC35 II headphones went from working one moment to completely dead the next.


- I had no warning of there being low charge so I do not think this is a case of low charge.

- I have attempted to charge, I get a red light upon connecting the charging cable, but only momentarily, and then the red light goes away. I'm sure there was other lights to indicate charged/charging, and I am not seeing these.

- I am no longer getting a green light when I turn the headphones on

- I am not getting any voice from the headphones saying any devices are connected.
- I can not hear the noise cancelling.

- My devices are not seeing any indication of their presence via bluetooth.

I am thinking that my headphones have simply stopped working. They are only two weeks old.


Any suggestions other than taking them back to the shop?




Re: Quiet Comfort 35 II not working

Hello Karlbirnie, 


Thank you for posting and welcome to the Bose Community. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing some very strange power issues with your headset. 


I would highly recommend that we start by performing an update on the headset. To do this please connect your headset to the PC/Mac via the USB charging cable, once connected please visit our online updater and follow the on-screen instructions. 


Please also try charging the headset via a few different power outlets to see if the same red LED appears. 


We look forward to hearing back from you with the result of these steps.

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