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Apr 20, 2020

Quiet Comfort 35 ii Poor sound quality on Macbook

Hi there,

I have had the Bose QC35 ii for a month now, and just recently the sound quality when connected to my MacBook laptop has dropped significantly. When playing music from Spotify or Apple Music, it sounds tinny and there is little bass, unlike when they are connected to my iPhone. They also don't block out noise as they have in the past, with outside noises such as typing on a keyboard to turning a page, which normally should not be heard, echo. Any help would be appreciated!!!




Re: Quiet Comfort 35 ii Poor sound quality on Macbook

Hello BethanyKate, 


I am sorry that you're getting poor audio from your headphones. 


Is this an issue that has recently happened? Was the audio okay previously connected to your Macbook?


Can you attempt a cabled connection, does this improve anything?


Is it only Spotify and Apple Music where the audio is poor?


Do let us know!

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