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Jul 12, 2019

QuietComfort 35 - PC says paired but headphones say waiting to pair

I lost the Bluetooth adaptor in my Dell desktop so have bought an Asus BT400 USB adaptor to replace it. When I try and pair my QC35's now the PC says it is paired but the QC35's continue to say "Waiting to pair".

When I go to my PC's Bluetooth Settings I can see the QC's in the list, it says Paired and has the options "Connect" and "Remove Device".

If I select "Connect" I get the error

"That didn't work. Make sure your device is still discoverable, then try again"

Meanwhile the QC are bleating in my ear "Waiting to pair".

Getting close to throwing them across the room. Can someone please assist.




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Feb 26, 2019

Re: QuietComfort 35 - PC says paired but headphones say waiting to pair

Hi there @Ross_C and welcome to the Community!


I'm sorry to hear of the connection issues that you've had and would be happy to advise.

My first suggestion would be regarding Bluetooth troubleshooting. Please choose to "forget this device" from your PC, and clear the Bluetooth list on the headphones.

The Bluetooth list can be cleared by holding the "Power/Bluetooth" button to the Bluetooth position for 10 seconds until you hear the prompt that this is cleared.

Once cleared, please attempt the connection again as if this is the first time connection!


Please return to me to let me know how this goes!

If any other user of the Community is using this adapter, please chip in to let us know if this is an issue you are also experiencing!

-Liam W - Community Support

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: QuietComfort 35 - PC says paired but headphones say waiting to pair


Not all dongle adapters work with the Bose BT devices I have learned from experience.  I started by trying the insignia one and could never get devices to pair - same issue as you.  The next adapter I tried worked with everything with no issues.  You may not be on the same windows as me (Im on 7/64) with the same other drivers, updates, virus software, etc. but for $20, it could be worth the try: