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Sep 25, 2020

Re: Noise Cancelling 700 Firmware Update - 1.7.0 - September 14th 2020

Hey guys,


This is my first time with BOSE and I've encountered so many issues my NC 700's I can't believe they actually shipped this product to market at this price point... 


These include: 


-Not being able to connect to the BOSE app (it did connect once then stopped working and won't reconnect)

-Not being able to play sound when connected to two devices

-Not being able to connect or disconnect to my MacBook Pro so I can use actually these headphones even when I forget device and reconnect

-When on Zoom calls the other participants intermittently say I sound very far away or like a robot 


I'm really surprised at the number of bugs for a product like this from a supposedly reputable brand,  can someone please advise what's going on here?




Community Manager

Re: Noise Cancelling 700 Firmware Update - 1.7.0 - September 14th 2020

Hi KLO95 - welcome to the Bose Community forums and thank you for posting.


Congratulations on your recent purchase. It's unfortunate to hear that you've encountered issues, but we'd love to know more details about the difficulties that you're experiencing. We'd also like to suggest some possible troubleshooting to help you get up and running to make full use of all of the features that the headphones have to offer. 


You note that you're unable to connect to the Bose Music app. Do you receive any particular error/status messages displayed within the app? Additionally, have you tested using the headset with any alternative devices, such as a different phone/tablet? You mention that you're also experiencing issues with playing audio when connected to two devices, so I would be interested to know if this availability status has any change when you're connected to just one device, in comparison to two.


As a starting point to the inability to access the headset via the app, please try clearing the Bluetooth pairing list on the headphones. You can do this by pressing and holding the Bluetooth/Power button on the right earcup for ten seconds. You'll hear an announcement say "Bluetooth device list cleared" to confirm that it was successful. Following this, open the general Bluetooth settings of your mobile phone. Finally, pair the two devices together once again to test. We do have some additional steps related to this that I'd love for you to try that are available on our support site HERE. As noted in our article, please be sure to check that your location or network permissions are not blocked by your device under the general settings.


The above steps for clearing your device's Bluetooth memory are also relevant to your second concern; playing audio when connected to two devices. However, if you continue to see issues, can you tell us a little more about the devices that you're connected to? The headphones will play audio from the source device which is sending an active audio signal. Some phones, tablets, and computers may have processes or apps running in the background which are actively sending an audio signal, even when you're not aware. Be sure to double-check that unwanted apps aren't running to test this.


For your concern regarding the MacBook, I don't currently fully understand the issues that you're experiencing. Can you provide a little more detail? 


Regarding your microphone concerns, is the issue isolated to your computer? Apps like Zoom may have a number of smaller fine-tuning settings - have you checked that the computer and associated software is using the headset's built-in microphones, and not defaulting to the computer's mic? Have you tested any additional programs on the computer - does the same occur? Additionally, how is the performance of the headphones on traditional calls made with a cellular phone?


Hope to hear back!

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