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Jan 19, 2021

Soundtrue Wired with a PC

I have a pair of early/original Bose SoundTrue over ear 3.5mm wired headphones. I'd like to use them for gaming. When I plug them into a 3.5mm splitter, I can sometimes get sound out of both sides, but it often slips into just the left ear. The mic appears to work.


I immediately assumed my cheap Amazon splitter was to blame, but when looking for a replacement I saw numerous warnings about Bose and that i needed to confirm that the connection was OMTP. I have no idea if these headphones are OMTP or CTIA or some Bose proprietary.


Can anyone recommend the best way to use these headphones for communication on a Windows PC. I'd prefer to use the two 3.5mm inputs on my computer, but I will use USB if I must.


Thanks in advance.


Re: Soundtrue Wired with a PC

CTIA are Apple compliant headphones, you'll notice that the mic and ground rings are switched on the minijack compared to an OMTP minijack. We generally just refer to them as Apple/Android variants with our headphones, Android versions having the most compatibility with other products like your Windows PC. 


What's worth noting, is:


1. An Apple connector (CTIA) will work with a non-Apple device, but, the microphone is unlikely to work due to the flipped mic/ground rings. Left/Right audio will be unaffected in most instances. 


2. An Android connector (OMTP) will work on an Apple device, but, as with the CTIA, the microphone will be unlikely to work due to flipped mic/ground rings. Left/Right audio will also be unaffected. 


3. Most computer ports these days support audio output and microphone input via the headphone port, but this is not always the case. Check with the OEM of the computer to be sure it supports this feature. 


4. The splitter you are using is more than likely having a negative effect on connectivity as it may also not feature audio input/output support. Again, check with the OEM of the adapter for compatibility. Out of interest, what splitter are you using? Can you post a link and show us how you are connecting it to your PC? 


I'll look forward to your reply!

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