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Aug 30, 2019

Thank you Bose

After a couple of years of hours of daily use, the earpads on my Bose 700's had become worn. I had no technical expertise in what to do about this, except, I figured I'd have to throw them out. I was able to google 'bose 700 earpads', buy a replacement pair, and install them myself in 3 minutes with the help of a youtube instructional video (they clipped right off with leverage from a butter knife, and the new pair clipped right in). 


With a culture these days of companies not making it easy to repair their products, Bose deserves huge credit for not just making exceptional products, but for the forethought about UX 2 years down the track. Fantastic to see. 


Thank you, Bose!


Re: Thank you Bose

Hey user123123, 


Thank you for posting this great piece of positive feedback! It's great to see that you found the cushions on your headset easy to replace 😎


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