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Jun 15, 2019

The Sound is Coming Out of the PC Microphone!


I have connected my QC 35 I to the PC using a BT dongle before, and there was no problem. Now, I am have connected my headphones successfully, but the audio comes out of the PC. I don't understand what has changed. 

I run Windows 10. Please Help. 


Thank you. 


Re: The Sound is Coming Out of the PC Microphone!

Hi there @Mystique13 !

Thank you for taking the time to post. I'm sorry to hear of the audio issues that you've had and would be happy to help!


Firstly, can I ask what you have the Sound/Audio output set to on this computer? If possible, can we ensure that this is set to the headphones/set to the Bluetooth dongle that you are using?


Secondly, can I ask how the Headset appears when you pair to this as Bluetooth? For example, does this appear as "QC35 II headphones", or does this appear with another name/appear with QC35 II "Device"?


Lastly, can I ask if this appears differently in your list from when this had worked previously?


Please get back to me when you can so I can assist further!

Liam W - Community Support