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Aug 24, 2019

The way for reconnect NC 700 to Bose music or connection failed

Hello guys 

I know must of bose user they want the rights way to connect NC 700 to bose music. 

By mistake I  delete my bose  from Bluetooth I try to connect my nc 700 but every time it give me  “Failed  connection please try again”. 

I  search about this problem but I didn’t find the  solution. 

By luck I find the way to fix this problem. 

First press the power till you hear clear list in your bose nc 700. 

Second go to the Bluetooth in your phone and delete your NC 700.

 Example : if your headphone under name BlackLine, you must delete from your Bluetooth phone BlackLine and LE-BlackLine. 

 Third do normal  steps for  connection your headphone. 

Do  these steps and Inshallah you can connect you NC 700 to bose music  without any problem. 

Thank you.