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Jul 21, 2019

Re: These Headphones Are Utter Garbage (NC 700)

Could not agree more.  I am a die hard Bose fan boy and I gotta say...these cans SUCK!!  Nothing works.  I have to sign in everytime.  I've cleared blue tooth list, unistalled and reinstalled app, forget connections on iPhone and work computer and then re-established them.  most of time, the app will NOT pair with the headphones, so there goes any advanced features.  Most of the time when playing music, I can pause the music (double tap on right cup), but it will NOT unpause.  Have to pull phone out of pocket and hit play.  Every time I turn phones off and then on, the shortcut feature defaults back to wake work when I want battery life.  And when it says wake work is on, it still doesn't work.  All that said, sometimes it all works.  Or sometimes none of it works.  Or sometimes 25% of it works.  Or sometimes 90% of it works, but it is not connected to app.  


These cans are like a slot machine or like Forrest Gumps box of chocolates...you never know what you're going to get.  And it's driving me batty.  I F-ing can't stand these phone.  They singlehandedly turned a BOSE enthusiast into a Sony customer.  I am returning these tomorrow and will eb buying hte better rated (though I didn't want to believe it) Sony mark 3s.