Re: Updated to 4.3.6, ANC noticeably decreased

Hello All,


We appreciate your patience for an update on this. We had raised the issue to our internal escalations team. 


In response to this request we encourage all users affected by this issue to OBSERVE THIS LINK


We hope this helps.


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Tegan M 

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May 23, 2019

Re: Updated to 4.3.6, ANC noticeably decreased

Any updates in this regard? The post you linked is from over a year ago. @Tegan_M 


I'm having the exact same issues. I'm currently using Firmware version 4.3.6 and can hear almost everything around me. In my office I can still hear the AC unit, my typing, everyone walking by my office, everything. All the ANC does now is quieten everything a little bit. It doesn't actually cancel any of the noise out anymore.


- Matthew

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May 25, 2019

Re: Updated to 4.3.6, ANC noticeably decreased

Running Latest version 4.3.6

Test devices

Iphone 7 128GB

Macbook pro 2018

Android - Samsung -S10


Audio quality - Iphone - weird quality.

Macbook pro 2018 and s10 - good


ANC on all devices - It feels like ANC is turned off or running at low. This was not the kind of ANC we had when we used the headsets initially.


Please dont think we are complaining. If the patch team can release something which fixes this we would love to have it. This is the reason we are pushing max from our side.



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Jun 2, 2019

Re: Updated to 4.3.6, ANC noticeably decreased

Same thing happend to me.

version: 4.3.6

Test devices:

iphone xs with iOS 12.3

windows 10


I hope someone can compare qc 35 with different software versions to verify whether ANC changed or not. It seems Bose decreases ANC by updating or they just wrote a bug in some updata.  Now the noise is decreased but I can still hear every kinds of noise.


If Bose doesn't know why this happened, then at least gives us an option to downgrade to some old version.


I really like qc series and hope Bose won't ruin this product.


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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Updated to 4.3.6, ANC noticeably decreased

Over the last few months since the firmware update from my experience and what I have read here (as I do not work for Bose):


1. Many posts here with users who have observed that the ANC has changed

2. I and others have heard a noticable change in hiss especially in quiet environments

3. Posts claiming to hear no difference between the various ANC settings

4. Bose claiming/posting a few times that the latest firmware update had no impact on the ANC.  Above is the official link but here it is again:

5. Even if Bose made a change to ANC (and again they claim they didn't) AND Bose decides to change it somehow, the firmware release cycle has in the past (which doesn't necessarily predict the future) been perhaps 2 or 3 a year.  So if an when they decide to change ANC (and again they won't tell us even if they do until the firmware is released), it could be tomorrow or it could be months....

6. Last year Bose made a decision across its product lines to no longer support regressing the firmware.  In other words if you are on 4.3.6, there is absolutely no way to go backwards or to anything other than the next release.

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Jul 11, 2019

Re: Updated to 4.3.6, ANC noticeably decreased

I had run into the same issue where ANC noticeably went bad after the firmware upgrade by the Bose Connect App. Browsing for the solution online, I stumbled upon this very useful article which solved my issue Indeed the issue was the broken firmware update by the Bose Connect App and updating it from Bose Updater on my Mac fixed the issue. Poor hissing sound is now gone and I'm back to the smooth ANC that I had expected of and experienced on my QC 35 II out of the box. Happy Boser.