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Hope you’re doing well 


More than a week ago I purchased Bose on ear headphones for a birthday gift. I have got notified on Friday that the package have arrived when in the fact it hasn’t still been delivered. I have checked around the neighborhood with no success.


I’m working so hard now and have no time to breathe and it’s a great frustration the time I have to spend on my work and rest, I spend on this. Due to my schedule I would prefer to be contacted by e-mail but there are no available e-mail to reach out. The EU customer service denied to help with the matters of US customers.

I have spent more than needed time and nerves on this. I had to spend double to get it from the store. I demand an immediate refund of my payment.


Re: Urgent

Hey DaveWaldorf, 


Thank you for posting and welcome to the Community. We are sorry to hear that you have had this experience, this isn't something you should have gone through when purchasing one of our products. 


This isn't something we can assist with via the Community as we don't have the tools to do so. I'd recommend contacting the support team in your region via all methods listed here.


If you aren't able to reach support in your region, please contact us via either Facebook or Twitter.


We look forward to hearing from you. 

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Re: Urgent

@DaveWaldorf(I do not work for Bose)

This may not have happened to you but has happened to me here in Texas multiple times.  I have had situations where the vendor (who ships with UPS, Fedex, etc.) tell me the package is delivered and in fact it was delivered to my local post office which was then responsible for delivering my package.  Here in Texas I think it is called "Surepost".

Not sure your location or even if you are in the US but the concept is the same.  Find out from the original delivery service to 'whom' the package was delivered - you or another delivery service.