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Sep 22, 2020

[Virtual Teacher - please help!] On PC can't hear music/videos over Zoom call

I am a Virtual Covid Teacher.  I bought these headphones because I know Bose headphones last (I've had wired Bose headphones last years).  My question is: How can I use my headphones in Bluetooth mode to both be in a Zoom meeting and also listen the educational videos or music at the same time?   I need to be able to do two things:

(1) Be on Zoom

(2) Be able to hear videos or music I play during the zoom call


When I use the included wire, it works great.  When I am connected via BlueTooth, I can hear students and talk--but no music or video audio.  If I'm not on Zoom, it's fine. During a Zoom call, if I play a video or music, students are able to hear video-music, but I can't while in Bluetooth mode.  


The whole point of wireless headphones was that I am literally tethered to my computer when I have wired headphones all day.  These bose Bluetooth headphones are way too expensive to not work.  My cheapo bluetooth headphones (that have a bad battery making them useless) let me listen to music/videos while on a Zoom call and also people talking no problem.  How can I fix this with my Bose Headphones?  


Any help is appreciated!

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: [Virtual Teacher - please help!] On PC can't hear music/videos over Zoom call

@jdimFirst of all I work neither for zoom or Bose and so I am to some extent making 'assumptions' and 'guesses'.


Here are my first three 'opinions':


1. What happens with other non-Bose products (i.e., whether they work or not), has no impact on Bose products.  In other words, if non-Bose BT headphones do what you want, you can not necessarily assume there is a similar yet 'undiscovered by you' way to do the same with Bose products AND

2. The only control over a Bose product is through the Bose Connect app and there is nothing in the Bose connect app that gives you any control over the way it performs Bluetooth AND

3. Rebooting, reinitializing or otherwise updating firmware in a Bose device may produce the results you want only if it is appropriate to assume that the functionality is supposed to be there.  There is no reason to believe that the functionality you want was designed to be there in the Bose product you refer to.

Also keep in mind that the data you supplied that you get what you want wire but not bluetooth suggest the issue is the way BT has been implemented by both sides (which again is not likely within your control).

I managed to get on my laptop with BT connected to my QC35 and started a zoom meeting with my phone. I played with it for a bunch and eventually choosing both the "stereo renderer" device and also "hands free audio device" and selecting "music or computer sound only" from the Advanced button on screen sharing, I was able to get music to play from VLC during the meeting.


As such, I was successful, though you were not. So I wonder if you were doing the same things I was as I was able to both talk in a meeting, share and play music - all through the QC35ii.  I would also like to point out the BT under Windows is very finicky.  Sometimes getting things to work requires uninstalling and reinstall bluetooth software and drivers and other times, using a Bluetooth USB 'dongle' versus the builtin bluetooth.  I needed to use my BT dongle with CSR drivers to get the simultaneous mic and music to work with zoom.

I was on a windows laptop using Zoom 5.2.1 (but have since updated to the latest which is 5.3.0)