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Sep 26, 2020

Voice Echo in Refurb QC35ii


I have a 4 day old set of refurbished QC35ii. Lovely product received this week but when making or receiving a call I can hear my own voice in the headphones. This doesn’t seem right to me. 

Also near on impossible to get a call placed to Customer Service and there What’s App service is frankly bonkers. Sorry Bose this ain’t a great way to start another love affair with your products. Had a pair of QC15 that have been 9 times round the world with me 😔


Re: Voice Echo in Refurb QC35ii

Hi Jimbobdebob,


Welcome to the Community thanks for posting! I'm sorry to hear you have been having trouble reaching your local support team but I'd be happy to help you with this on here in any way I can!


When using your QC35 IIs for phone calls, hearing your own voice in the headphones is something that is to be expected. It shouldn't be causing an echo effect, but your voice should be able to be heard in the headphones. This is because the headphones use a feature called "sidetone" while making calls that allows the headphones to play your voice into the headphones so you can hear yourself speaking in a clearer and more natural way.


If you are hearing your own voice slightly delayed so it sounds like it is echoing, then this would not be normal. If this is what you are hearing, are you using the headphones for standard phone calls or VoIP calls using an app like Zoom or Whatsapp? Do you hear the same echo with both these methods of calling or only one?


Also, what device are you using to make or receive calls? Have you tried the headphones with any other Bluetooth devices that can make or receive calls to see if you still get the echo?


I look forward to hearing back from you!

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