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Jan 25, 2020

Voice prompts are too intrusive

I have a new set of the 700btnc headphones. I wanted to see what everyone's thoughts are here in hope that Bose might see this and change how this works.   I fully understand I can disable voice prompts and for now I have because with them enabled they are too intrusive.  For example if I am on a call and hit mute it completes stops the audio to tell me the headphones are now muted.  When devices connect and reconnect it completely cuts the audio and tells me about every connected device.  I actually do really like the voice prompts, especially when changing between the ANC levels.  But I would like to ask that they be made where they do not completely trump the incoming audio.  Maybe they lower the volume a little or maybe they only play in one ear, something better than how they work now.  Anyone else think this is annoying and would like it to work better?