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Oct 5, 2020

Why Bose QC35 II always connect to the phone even there's nothinig playing?

Hi guys, I just got a QC 35 II and I connected it to my iphone and windows laptop.


When I tried to use zoom on laptop for example, I cannot unlock my iphone. Otherwise there will be no sound from the laptop, even there's nothing playing on my phone.


I also tried to disconnect my iphone from the APP, but it doesn't work (i.e. the iphone will also re-connect the phone and take priority

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Why Bose QC35 II always connect to the phone even there's nothinig playing?

@ypwangWhen you turn on the QC35 it will attempt to connect to up to 2 devices on your paired list.  When you turn off the QC35 it will disconnect.  You can also connect and disconnect through the Bose Connect app assuming the mobile device the Bose Connect app is on is turned on.  This is the only way I know to keep the QC35ii disconnected when it is on.  You also can turn on the QC35 and it not connect as long as a stereo cable is connected to the QC35 mini-port.

As far as I know, those are the only ways to connect and disconnect the QC35 - from all devices.

As far as disconnecting from a specific device like a phone but not from the others - again, you can use the Bose Connect app to do that - but of course, you can reconnect with the Connect app once you disconnect it.

I tried the above from my iPhone 7+ with Connect and it disconnected fine and did not automatically reconnect until I swiped the QC35 picture down on the phone.

Another thing you can try id going to Settings Bluetooth, tape on the 'i' to the right of the QC35 and then tap on "Disconnect".  Looks to me like that also disconnects just the iPhone.