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Apr 30, 2020

bluetooth swapping and conversation mode problems

Hello everyone! I have my Bose 700 Headphones usually connected to my mac and my iphone and it happens that when I'm listening to audio from the mac and suddenly I grab the phone I have to turn the headphones on and off so that the audio works with the mac again, can this be solved?

Another problem I have is that when I hold down the NC button to enter conversation mode, conversation mode only lasts about 5 seconds and then cancels the sound again, can this be fixed?

Thank you!

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Re: bluetooth swapping and conversation mode problems

Hi @belennm, thanks for your message.


Hope you're enjoying your headphones! Sorry to hear about your difficulties. The 700 headphones certainly do feature multi-point Bluetooth connections. This is useful to switch between two smartphones without disconnecting and reconnecting each time. When adding computers to the equation, there can be a few additional variables to consider. Typically, to switch between two devices that are both connected, pausing the first device and playing music from the second will allow the headset to switch between sources. When discussing computers, there is a larger array of variables, both in terms of hardware, and application software, which can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways by the headset. Each application on your computer will send this active audio signal slightly differently. Are there certain apps you're using? Have you tested using the headset with two phones, vs a phone and a computer? 


You note conversation mode lasting 5 seconds. Does this also happen when the headset is connected to your computer? There could be another command being received by the headset from the computer, if so. Alternatively, the typical way to exit Conversation mode is by pressing any button on the headset, or double-tapping/swiping the touch surface. This will return the headset to the previous noise-canceling level and resume playing audio. Is any component of the handset being touched during this time?

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