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Oct 1, 2020

bosexstores scam

I lost my replacement pad off my bose qc25. At least I think that's the model. They are cable headphones from Bose. I ordered the new pads off amazon from Bose. $34.99. The post office took them back and I was home (AirBnB address). I needed the headphones for work and started to look at other brands off amazon that were cheaper. I called Bose today. I had replaced the pads through Bose before but they don't stay on. I ordered a model off a fake bose website. Anyone else get scammed?


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Re: bosexstores scam

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That is not a Bose official reseller and we would not recommend purchasing from that site. All up to date official product prices can be found on our website. To find the prices that are right for your location, please go to this link, and select your region.

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