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Oct 1, 2020


How long will the headphones keep a charge when not in use? Twice I've put my headphones away with a nearly full charge. I took them out a few weeks later and they were depleted, no charge left at all. Why is that? Do they not turn off? What is causing them to lose their charge?

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: charge

buety57@icloud.comMy QC35ii does not exhibit that behavior.  I can start at 100% and go for days and stilll be at 100%.  Sometimes it is at 90% but quickly recharges back to 100%.  One or two occasions it has turned on at 70% but that was after use.

My Mini 2 was disconnected for over a month and when I turned it on, it was still at 100%.  Same was true for Soundsport Wired.  About the only power issues I have had which has been well documented in the other community have been with the Revolve.  I have documented charging issues which are NOT battery related (nor related to the 2 amp USB source).