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Apr 29, 2020

really uncomfortable feedback through Soundlink Wireless II

I've recently noticed that whenever I connect my Bluetooth headphones to my laptop I experience some very uncomfortable/loud feedback of sound around me in the room (ie, not audio from my device, sound around me that's being bounced against the headset such as me tapping keys on my laptop and my laptop's fan or even appliances functioning around me). The issue goes away once I play audio off my laptop, but it tends to play louder than I expect at first then settles down. I've noticed a similar issue while taking calls on my phone wearing the headset (ringtone is very loud and surrounded by sound, say my phone moving around in my pocket or my bag). I previously had a pair of wired noise-cancelling headphones (didn't use the noise cancelling feature all that often so didn't consider it a priority when upgrading), and never had this issue while not using the noise cancelling feature.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is this standard or should I consider my headset faulty?Would turning off my device microphone help?


Re: really uncomfortable feedback through Soundlink Wireless II

Hey Eva_exx,


Sorry to hear you've experienced that! Has this always happened since you've started using these headphones?


Before we assume the headset is faulty I'd like to try some troubleshooting, to see if that can be of help to you. Have you tried a reset of the headphones as shown HERE?


Also, do you experience this static audio when connecting the headphones to any other laptop/computer system?

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