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Oct 27, 2015

Apple Watch App and User Interface / Experience iOS only



one quick question: Can you tell us more about upcoming features for apple Watch App? For example an On/off Switch is highly appreciated 🙂

The iOS App is in terms of user experience is not as good as it could be. What are you doing in order to overcome these issues? One essential point that comes to my mind is the lack of "swiping back" from the left of the screen to the right (If you are in a submenu and want to go back now you have to hit the back button in the top left corner which is not so aesy to reach on large displays) --> nearly all iOS apps have already adopted the swipe back behaviour.  P.S. this gesture qould be nice to evoke the hamburger menu as well. Should not be too hard to implement this tiny fetaure. 

Thank you for listening!