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Jan 16, 2017

Auto shutdown

Auto shutdown: Currently a lot of people have complained about this. On the Bose website  it's been a complaint for over 2 years. It also appears that at one time there was a "fix" by poking a value into the ram of the device that  prevented the auto shut down until  the device was powered down.

This would imply the function is purely within Bose software control, therefore not enabling the device to remain on should be a very easy fix.

If there is a compelling reason not to disable the auto shut down, you customers deserve a real reason, not some bogus "we will pass this on to the software group for consideration".

I suspect there may be some power savings regulation that you must comply to, most likely an EU thing, and you don't want to manage a regional product compliance.

If this is true, let us know, rather than dragging out expectations. Most of us are adults. (well maybe some of us)

Otherwise this should be one of your highest priority.

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Mar 29, 2017

Re: Auto shutdown