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Oct 27, 2015

Extensive music service integration is different (especially DEEZER)

Hello Mike Angelo,


first of all: what a great idea to do an Ask&Answer 🙂

My question is, why is the integration of music services so diverse? In my opinion spotify is deeply integrated into the soundtouch system and looks great. I understand that spotify is the most popular music service, but I would like to see some love for Deezer too.

- For instance in Deezer you can not search for playlists (only title, album, interpreter)
- It's not possible to add a family subscription so that you can add multiple / own accounts/profiles like in spotify (that's a feature wanted by many)
- all the apperance of the album covers and the UI is not as beautiful as in spotify (for example horizontal scrolling)

If all that is limited to the Deezer API I can understand, but I would love to see an answer to this if thats the case. I would suggest that there should be music service experts who can answer music service related questions in the forum 🙂