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Jan 7, 2016

Incredibly simple questions - Apple Music and Amazon Alex - no wishy-washy answers please.

1. Will you have Apple Music? Yes or no?
2. If yes, when?
3. You promised Amazon Alex integration "early 2017" and it is now mid-2017. Are you still planning to do this? Yes or No?

4. If yes, when?

5. I saw on the Apple keynote today "BOSE" when talking abiout AirPlay2. Will Soundtouch 20 and 30 series 3 get a software update to run AirPlay2? Yes or No?
6. If yes, when?
7. Will Soundtouch 20, 30 and Portable Series 1 and 2 (that run AirPlay) be compatible with AirPlay 2? Yes or No?

8. If so, when?

If any of these questions are unclear (and I don't know how they could be), please direct message me and I will happily expand.