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Mar 4, 2017

Jay's practical suggestion

I have written numerous times already about the "practical" feature this soundtouch 300 should have to be perfect
So please may this time be the last time i suggest it

1. Please add function to allow us to turn on and off the auto sleep i really beg for this function.
2. Please fix the back button on the bose remote that come with soundtouch300 to work with 2016 uhd samsung tv like ks8000
3. Please add a mute button to the soundtouch application this is a must!!!
4. Lastly if u gonna allow alexa to work with soundtouch 300 (Please allow her to be able to mute / turn on off sleep function)
5. Optional if possible please add the night mode to soundtouch 300 like the sonos and others have

Just imagine if u can fix all these problem how perfect can your product become and imagine how many customer would be satisfied and proud of this product? Dont u want this to happen rather than hearing people complain about these features regulary ?