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Apr 18, 2017

Stereo pair for ST 20 & 30

I just want to get an answer to my questions and hopefully help other people with the same questions.

The stereo pairing function has been added to the ST 10 which is GREAT! It is a big improvement that we finally can see some progression.

I just still sit here with a question... "Why add the function to the series cheapest speaker?"

For what I know off, Sonos have the function, and for what I have read it "only" needs a software update.

I currently have an ST20 and was considering buying one more ST20 + an ST30! I really like Bose, the design is fine, the sound is great. I just don't want to spend any more money on ST's before I know that the function will come in the future.

I know I am not the only one who wish this feature, but Bose Support does always seem to close the topic without giving any information about whether we can expect this feature and when in the future if yes. And if we won't get the feature... Can we at least get an explanation of why we can't when Sonos customers can?


Sincerely Rasmus