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Jan 16, 2017

auto kill software upgrades

Auto kill : automatic software upgrades that result in dead hardware. Example; If my android does not have "N-2" software version it not longer works.

I understand that developing new features or fixing bugs may require newer software support for the working environment, BUT if I have a setup that works OK for my purpose, there is no excuse for killing my set up.

It would be OK to say if you want the new features or bug fixes you must upgrade.

Bose should keep an archive of applications and firmware to allow the customers to make the choice, rather than today. surprise, new forced upgrade just killed the use of your older hardware. (Unforgiveable attitude)

A good example here is Apple. My iPhone 4S can no longer be upgraded. If I want some of the new feature I will have to upgrade my phone. If Apple did what you do my phone, which works fine for a phone, would currently be dead.

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Nov 1, 2015

Re: auto kill software upgrades

I strongly agree 100% with your comments - it should actually be against the law to bring out updates that are forced on the customer and also break things that USED TO WORK!

I spent over $2500 on a home speaker streaming system that because of your useless anf FORCED app no longer is the product I originally bought.

A refund would be in order if this happened to any other product, in fact it may still be as I will be seeking LEGAL action to recover the costs of a now close to useless home speaker system that is well and truly broken because you chose to update (joke!) the app and then FORCE it on your paid up customers.

Either give us the choice to revert back or I will be taking this further - legal action (and YouTube videos of the current joke of an app) will be forthcoming unless you fix this mess that YOU BOSe have created for your customers