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Nov 2, 2020

A20 Aviation Headset

I am hoping to get the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) or capabilities of this headset in dBA. Currently, the only noise measure I can find is max. ambient noise level at 115dBC, but this doesn't provide me the information I need to determine how much noise these headphones cancel out. 




Re: A20 Aviation Headset



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We don't have figures for the NRR, as the current methods specified by the EPA for NRR cannot be applied to active noise cancelling devices, only passive devices. That’s why you see them on traditional aviation headsets, but not noise cancelling headsets. 


We also don't make claims about the level of noise reduction because a single number cannot tell you much about what you will hear when you use the headset. I would encourage you to try the headset to experience the dramatic noise reduction for yourself!


I hope this helps!

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