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Jan 11, 2021

A20 Bluetooth Mic not working unless plugged in and powered on

Should the Bluetooth Mic work for phone calls when the avionics are not powered on. I have an A20 with Bluetooth with dual GA plugs, I power on the headset using the headset battery and it connects to my phone via Bluetooth. I can make calls and I hear the party on the other end but they cannot hear me and I cannot hear myself. When I plug in the headset and power on the avionics it all works. I was calling departure at a non-towered airport via cell phone for clearance before starting the airplane. Is there a way to make the microphone work without the avionics powered on?



Re: A20 Bluetooth Mic not working unless plugged in and powered on

Hi cfenster,


Welcome to the Community, thanks for posting!


You should be able to use the headset to make calls via Bluetooth, even when the headset is not connected to the avionics, so it is strange that this is not working for you at the moment. What phone are you connecting the headset to when you are trying to make a call?


Could you also let me know which version of the A20 headset you have, as there is a V1 and V2 of the A20 with Bluetooth? If you are unsure which you have, you can double-check this with the Find Your Product section of the support page HERE


I look forward to hearing back from you!

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