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Jan 10, 2020

A20 Headset battery drain

I have 2 Bose A20 headsets.   One I use regularly, as the pilot.   The other is used by the passenger but only occasionally.   The one that I use works normally, the batteries will last some 20+ hours of flight.   The passenger unit keeps draining the AA batteries.  Typically it will only get 2-3 hours of usage.   If I leave in the AA batteries, I can expect to need to replace them by the next time they are needed. (Typically within a month.)  The batteries in mine which are used every time, still have life.  I have both headsets set to power off automatically.


I checked to see what the current draw is with power off, sitting on the bench, and get a reading of approx 6.5uA(Micro) or .0065 mAmps.   With the power on, it draws 25 - 100mA depending on the noise level.


Is there a setting or is there something wrong with this headset??




Re: A20 Headset battery drain

 Hi @mark960,


Thank you for taking the time to post and welcome to the Bose Community.


I do apologize that you're experiencing with the short battery life on your A20 Aviation headset - this shouldn't be happening and it's something I'd be happy to assist you with.


You for sure should be experiencing the same life on both headsets if they're operating for the same time periods. There may be an issue with the AUTO-OFF feature not operating or being enabled. 


To amend this:

  1. Remove the batteries from the control module
  2. Move the switch below the AUTO-OFF cable to ON (left). Change the position of the switch using a push-pin or paperclip
  3. Reinstall the batteries. Match the polarity on the batteries to the markings inside the battery compartment

Another question - are the batteries being used in the passenger headset the same brand as what is being used in the main pilot headset?


I look forward to hearing back from you.


Warm regards,

Sam F - Community Support

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