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Mar 8, 2020

A20 bluetooth cable for A119


We have a customer with an Agusta119 Helicopter.

He has a set of 5 A20 headsets (non-bluetooth) supplied with the aircraft which have the Agusta 8 pin plug. I believe the mic setup is low impedance.

We have been given some replacement mic/cable assemblies with bluetooth to be fitted to these headsets. When the cable assembly is fitted to a headset, the mic no longer works with the aircraft system, but still works fine with phone calls via the bluetooth interface.

Part number of the cable is 327070-3050.

The headsets in question I am led to believe are series 1 A20.


Can someone advise us on whether this cable assembly is compatible with this system, and if not, is there a cable assembly that will work?





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Mar 12, 2020

Re: A20 bluetooth cable for A119

Hi Greg.,

The 119 if it has non Bluetooth A20's are most likely Low Impedance Mic's. Bose do not make a Low Impedance Mic Headset with Bluetooth. Low Imp was normally military and Helmet Mics etc, as you have found on the 119. The 109 E is the same. The S and SP were changed to accept the Electret Mics.

You can fit the leads and Mics, as you may have done already to the existing A20's, but the Mic's will not work with the existing Helicopter Station Box Pre-amps, so you won't hear any audio through the mics. You can connect music or a mobile phone, which will work, but nothing will be heard on the Mic with the Helicopter.

Hope this helps,