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Oct 13, 2020

A20 repair Australia

My Bose A20 has ceased working in my aircraft.  I have plugged other headsets into the jacks and they work fine.  I contacted Bose to find out where to send them in Australia and was advised to call 1800 091 166.  That number has a recorded message that they are having technical difficulties.  Call back in 1 hour....8 hours later there is still just the same message.  Does anyone know where to send them?  Thanks


Re: A20 repair Australia

Hi Davidmcaloney,


Welcome to the community. Sorry to hear that you are having issues reaching out to your local support team.


You will need to contact your regions support in order to get a repair set up, you can find all our various contact methods for Australia HERE. 


Sorry that our team are facing difficulties in your attempts to call, we hope to have this resolved soon. We appreciate your patience. 

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