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Apr 22, 2020

Adapter BOSE A20 6 pin

Hello, I have Bose A20 with a 6 pin plug and would like to use them in GA with a dual plug.

I was wondering if the use of an adapter would, somehow, affects the functionality of the headset.


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Mar 12, 2020

Re: Adapter BOSE A20 6 pin

Hi Eliiass,

While you are awaiting a formal reply from one of the Bose Engineers, something that may help:- the 6 Pin (Lemo) connector you have now on your A20 has the ability to accept power from the Airframe Socket it would normally be installed with on one of the pins. This will be 12-24V DC.

The bonus of this will be the Headset will run for extended lengths of time in flight without draining the Batteries in the Control Box. The Batteries will only be used on start up and shutdown (unless you have a power failure in flight) to provide noise cancelling (and maybe bluetooth).

If you use a 6 Pin Lemo to 2 plug G/A Adaptor, you will not have a facility on those plugs (the thin one is Mic and the Thick one Audio) to draw power from the Aircraft, so it will basically use more Batteries. For this reason I find it is best to keep some spares in the Aircraft in case it happens in use. From memory the A20 on/off led's show a different colour when batteries are depleting so as to warn you.

If it is your G/A Aircraft or Heli, you can get a Lemo 6 Pin Socket fitted by a suitable Tech that can be installed alongside your Dual Plug Sockets and it can be linked to the Power Supply?

Bose have them for sale as a Kit with the Socket already wired along with 'Tails' ready to fit.

Hope that helps,

Best regards,