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Dec 16, 2019

Aviation Headset into a wireless microphone system

I have a fun project coming up where a customer would like to use an aviation headset (A20) routed into a wireless microphone system. Does anyone have any information on what the main microphone in the boom is and if there is a preamplifier in the control module or if I will need to add additional power to the microphone? I am not sure if an aviation radio supplies power to the microphone element. Any information on this would be really appreciated!



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Mar 12, 2020

Re: Aviation Headset into a wireless microphone system

Hi - an Older Post but if you are still checking this site - a few suggestions:-

You don't mention your skill level or if an Aviator - so I will try some generic suggestions.

The Bose Aviation Headsets are built to a very high, regulated standard for Aviation use and it is never recommended you take one apart. For one reason alone, the price, plus it will affect the certification. There are domestic solutions out there for other purposes without altering an Aviation Bose. So, assuming they really want to use a Bose A20, then the best option may well be to consider buying something like a PS Engineering 3000 Unit and having an Avionic Shop make up a simple interface lead to plug a Bose A20 into one of the Mic and Headphone Inputs. The Bose 3000 is Stereo and will maximise all the features of the A20. It has input mic Gain and squelch too, which may be useful. The PS Engineering 3000 will allow a 0db Output or similar in Stereo to feed external transmitter or Domestic Amps. A separate 12 or 24V DC Power Supply will be required to feed the appropriate pin on the Bose A20 connector so as to power it up if required non battery and the 3000 Unit too. Should work great - I have some similar arrangements.

Hope this helps,