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Aug 22, 2020

Base A20 Aviation Headset w/Bluetooth Control/Cable Issues

I am having issues with the headphones intermittently loosing noise cancelling and shutting the control off for no apparent reason. It happens both when connected to Bluetooth and when not. It happens when batteries are new and drained and battery power seems to have no effect. If the cables are jiggled on each sides of the controls it will happen. Sometimes the control will not even turn back on without repositioning the control or shaking the wiring.


Are my headphones defective or does the control and cabling go bad after a few years? Mine are approximately 4 years old and lightly used.



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Mar 12, 2020

Re: Base A20 Aviation Headset w/Bluetooth Control/Cable Issues

Hi Marveb35,

To answer your first question, no, the cables don't knowingly go bad after a period in my experience and my Customers. However, a couple of things. You don't mention if the are 'panel powered' or just Battery, and, you seem to allude to more than one? Both doing the same thing?

If panel powered (Lemo or similar) I would try cleaning contacts with a cleaner - the Headset receptacles do sometimes get contaminated with age and light corrosion. If the Control box is switching off, I would estimate they have a problem and may need to be sent back to Bose for inspection and check? If panel powered , the Battery should take over if DC is lost. Maybe send them back one at a time perhaps if you can't be without them? There should be a 5 Year Warranty on them most likely. Alternatively, you could look for a replacement Mic and Downlead Assy to buy and replace it and see if it fixes the problem. If so, the intermittent ones could go back for repair and once back, you could keep one as a spare? They will always sell on the second hand market for good money.

Good luck, all the best,