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Dec 29, 2020

Bose A20 Bluetooth interference/crackling when switched on

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Bose A20



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Bose A20 with Bluetooth switched on


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So I just bought this new Bose A20 with Bluetooth 5-pin XLR for the Boeing 777 I fly. I already had several years of experience with the A20s flying on the Boeing 737, with twin-plug connection.


The headset is amazing, the fitting is perfect, the ANC works extremely well. The only major issue I have, every time I switch the Bluetooth on, the problems start.

When the switch for Secondary Audio Mode Selector (SAMS) is moved from OFF to MIX or MUTE, and the Bluetooth starts working, the headset immediately starts producing this strange clicking noise, a very consistent rhythmic clicking noise. That’s only when the Bluetooth is switched on, without it being connected to anything.


As soon as the A20 headset connects to a device, the real interference begins. It is a constant electrical interference noise and it is non stop. Adjusting volume anywhere on any device does not change anything. The volume of the interference is constant and not adjustable at all. And as soon as the SAMS is switched to OFF, the noise stops.


I have seen one or two other similar posts, but have not seen any solution.

Please help me out with this issue. The Bluetooth function is completely unusable at this point.



With kind regards,



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Mar 12, 2020

Re: Bose A20 Bluetooth interference/crackling when switched on

Hi Robbert, It may be stray electrical interference perhaps? On the Heli's I have flown on - rythmic interference has either been ADSB or Transponder through my A20 Noise Cancelling system. On the 777 there may be far more potential Interference than the 737 perhaps, particularly if you are powered by the Aircraft power on the XLR.

If on Bluetooth - could the item you are linking to be very unshielded in a very noisy electronic Cockpit?

Sorry can't be of further specific help, but it may give you something to look out for.

There are some posts here from Bose specialists on RFI & EMI standards.

Good luck,

All the best, Larry