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May 17, 2020

Bose A20 Copilot can hear me but I cannot hear him or myself

I’ve had my Bose A20 for about 7 months. I currently instruct in a fleet of PA-28 airplanes. One flight I noticed my feedback from my own mic was loud and very distorted, but my student and ATC could hear me just fine with no distortion. The next flight my feedback was now completely gone. My student could still hear me just fine, but I could not hear him or myself. I could hear ATIS just fine and Bluetooth music also worked just fine. I adjusted squelch as well as volume settings on our G1000 and had no luck. I also attempted to use the other headset outlets inside the plane but saw no change. 

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Re: Bose A20 Copilot can hear me but I cannot hear him or myself

Hey cbbenham,


Thanks for your message. Sorry to hear of the difficulties with the communications of your headset. 


Have you tested the same headset in a different aircraft? It sounds like there may be a potential hardware fault with your down cable if so. Should this be the case, please reach out to Bose support directly and we'll be happy to explore service options for the cable. Click HERE, select your location, and use the "Contact us" button at the bottom of the page. 

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