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May 20, 2020

Bose Pay

So sad that I need to return my A20 purchase because of wrong information being advertised on Bose website!

this page says that you can make a purchase with Bose pay powered by Klarna and make payments with debit or credit card but that’s a wrong information and they don’t accept credit card! I called Klarna and Bose customer service and they can’t even help me they just point fingers at each other!
it’s so disappointing as I love Bose products. 

Bose website:

Bose Pay is a payment method powered by Klarna. It allows you to buy now and pay later. Spread the cost of your purchase over time with convenient, stress-free payment options. It is easy, safe to use, and interest free. Bose Pay lets you use your credit or debit card of choice and reminds you of your next payments to come.


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Oct 18, 2017

Re: Bose Pay

Pay cash or put it on your credit card.