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May 2, 2020

Can I connect A20 to PC ?

Hi ,

is it safe to connect A20 to PC using simple jack reducer for audio and microphone?

Is there any risk of damagind the heatset or PC if connecting it?




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Mar 12, 2020

Re: Can I connect A20 to PC ?

Hi Adam,

While you are awaiting a formal response from one of the Bose Staff, some thoughts:-. 

I would question why you might want to do that if I may? The A20 is designed, built and approved for use on Aviation equipment, as I am sure you know. My thoughts are although it might be fun and a bit of a novelty, its a super expensive way of listening to Audio from a Computer perhaps? It won't have the performance match that a dedicated set of Domestic Audio Frequency matched Headsets will have, for a far better price?

So, for connection, the Audio in will most likely work and the Mic, once adapted, may or may not, depending on the Impedance and output of the Mic you have? The noise cancelling will need power using the Batteries and you may need to select Stereo.

Personally? I wouldn't put them to a use they are not designed and approved for, which was your question? I would strongly advise buying a Headset that is specifically designed for Computer use -there are some noise cancelling ones out there too! Leave the A20 to serve its time out in an Aircraft where it's best suited?

Have fun, all the best,