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May 16, 2020

Enabling microphone with listening to Bluetooth music

  Can you enable the microphone while listening to Bluetooth music via phone I use your amazing avaition headphones to practice learning songs with the guitar and of course there are excellent learning to fly a airplane

Bose A20

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Mar 12, 2020

Re: Enabling microphone with listening to Bluetooth music

Hi Jgrahamz24,

I see that you posted over 3 weeks ago and didn't want you to be left neglected by the Community without some form of response?

I guess you have anticipated that the answer is the Headset is designed and built for the Aviation Market. Nice that you have one available for Guitar practice!

I am not aware of a way of activating the Mic without having it plugged in to an Aviation source?

Good luck with your singing. I am afraid my family would need noise cancelling Headsets if I tried the same!

All the best,