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Aug 27, 2019

Looking for the right headset

Looking for the right headset for my husband.  He drives a semi and he bought a headset from Boss but when he makes calls it is hard to hear him because the the Mic is in the outside of the war piece and it picks up all the noise from everything else. I know trucks can be noisy but this is exaggerated.  On just the phone I don't get any noise. Maybe the aviation headset is better for him. Can someone suggest the right headphone.  Thanks


Re: Looking for the right headset

Hello Dhafe, 


Thanks for choosing Bose for your next headset. 


Can I please confirm what you mean by war piece? Also, can you please let me know what headphones he already has? Getting a better picture will allow me to make a recommendation. Does he have a preference on over-ear or in-ear headphones?

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Mar 12, 2020

Re: Looking for the right headset

HI Ddhafe,

I don't think an Aviation Headset would be appropriate for such a use? They are customised and certified for Aviation use specifically? You would be wasting a lot of money to buy Aviation specific options that will not be used on the Truck, plus, it would need Aviation style Radios to plug into to fully use?

Phones normally have some element of noise cancelling which is why you don't suffer from the same external noise problem.

I would take a look at other Bose products to see if there is something suitable there if poss?

Maybe the Moderator that replied to you can suggest something?

All the best,