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May 30, 2020

Loud static in A20 when charging Ipad with lightning cable connected to airplane power.

When I am flying with my A20 headset and connect my Ipad to the aircraft cigarette lighter or my backup battery pack. On occasion, I will get very loud static in my headset to the point where I cannot hear ATC. If while hearing this static, I disconnect the charging cable, the static immediately stops. I do not hear this when flying with another brand of headset although that headset is not noise cancelling. In the last occasion of this, I flew for about 40 minutes before it occurred. But once it does occur, that static is louder than the voice coming in from ATC.  

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Mar 12, 2020

Re: Loud static in A20 when charging Ipad with lightning cable connected to airplane power.

Hi skeyehawk,

Strange one this. Some thoughts for you to consider.

Seems like both the Cig Charger and/or the Batt Pack could be introducing this noise perhaps? You didn't say whether it happens with both items, but:-

First the Cig Charger should be checked to see if it matches the Aircraft Voltage - some aircraft are 28V, so it needs to be able to handle 12-24V. I buy Truck ones of a good quality for my use as they handle both voltages. (If your Aircraft Cig is 12v, then no probs.)

The USB needs only 5V to charge the ipad, so it steps the voltage down from the 12/24V input. Make make sure it handles the ipad power requirements - there are various output Amps options. Its a higher amp requirement than an iphone. Do try another Cig USB Charger or, if the Battery pack, try to locate it away from the Headset and Mic Lead and try that?

The A20 Noise Cancelling has sensitive electronics and is more susceptible to extraneous interference from non approved items in its vicinity, so more likely to be noticeable to you than a non NC Headset.

Lastly, maybe try another Headset too if poss?

Hopefully some ideas to help fault find. Sorry can't help any further than that.

Good luck,