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Aug 3, 2020

Microphone conector for Bose A20 Aviation schematics

Hello i want to know the wireing for microphone conector at Bose A20 , i found on internet a new conector for microphone from germany , and on the mic cable from the unit controler it has 2 wires one red and one yellow , can you help me with a schematic?

It's not necesary to change the all cable from controler just for a microphone jack connector.

The microphone conector it's not an usual audio type , more thinn that audio TRS connector.

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Mar 12, 2020

Re: Microphone conector for Bose A20 Aviation schematics

Hi 11Claudius, I would be inclined towards sending it back to Bose for repair to the damaged Plug? Or alternatively look for a complete downlead and Mic assy on the used market?

If the existing plug has been ripped off, it is likely other damage may have been inflicted?

The Certification for the assy may have been compromised and a replacement (or repaired) Mic and Downlead Assy will bring your Headset back to full working condition?

All the best and good luck with it,