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Jul 1, 2020

Military or Civilian

I have an A20 headset with bluetooth and a U174 plug.  I need to know if this is compatible with military or civilian helicopters.  How can I tell?  Thanks in advance

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Mar 12, 2020

Re: Military or Civilian

Hi Aporter,

A Bose Mod will likely pick this enquiry and give you the exact detail and how to enter the model number into their website, but a U174 is used on Mil Heli's and some Civvy. Bluetooth suggests it may have an Electret Mic as opposed to a Low Impedance and so therefore possibly Civilian?

I have a Jetranger with U174 and Electret Mics for instance.

Best regards,


Community Manager

Re: Military or Civilian

Hey APorter,


Many helicopters may use a range of different connector types. As a generalization, the U174 is typically the most common connection type for civilian helicopters. However, I would encourage you to check with the manufacturer of your helicopter to confirm what is recommended for your use.

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