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Apr 16, 2020

Noise from ADS-B

I've been using my Bose X and A-20 headsets for a long time.   After adding an ADS-B system (Lynx-9000), I am now getting fairly constant noise directly related to the ADS-B.  It is a crackle that occurs several times per second.  Not very loud, but definitely noticeable.  If I cut off the ADS-B, it instantly stops.   The system is properly installed and shielded.   Some of my online searches indicates that this is a known issue with the Bose headsets.  Is there any solution?




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Mar 12, 2020

Re: Noise from ADS-B

Hi Charlie,

While you are waiting for a response from a Bose Mod - I had the same for info. Co-Pilot on a 109 with Bose X at the time - The Owner had fitted a SkyEcho ADSB on the higher level of the coaming Panel on the Co-pilot side. It was pushing out a stream of clicks not heard before. The Pilot also asked me if I could hear these annoying clicks and I let him know it got louder for me each time I leant forward to look left in the windscreen. We switched off the SkyEcho and it stopped for both of us. I also tried turning up the Headset Vox and it did cut it out, but it was up at such a level, it made it difficult for my voice to break the mic squelch for the intercom. (tried A20's and it did the same at the end of Flight)

It must be assumed this is a new source of RFI/EMI that Bose will need to look at going forward and I am sure the Mods will pass this to Bose Engineering. They are very responsive on this Blog.

It might be worth making this known to L3 too?

All the best,