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Dec 12, 2020

Pilot Cockpit Headset Accesory

I need to get a USB to cockpit headset converter. Basically plug in my USB that has the cockpit pilot to convert and plug in. Does Bose carry something like that? If not, who does? 


My current headset has a USB at the end of it. I need to get a converter so I can use it on my plane. Thanks! 

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Mar 12, 2020

Re: Pilot Cockpit Headset Accesory

Hi PharmerPilot,

I see this post has remained unanswered.

USB Connectors or their supported Headsets are not normally found in Aircraft to my knowledge.

You will have to try and obtain a proper certified Aviation Headset to be honest? If finances don't stretch that far you can find secondhand ones on the usual online sales sites. Be careful that you select the actual one you need though as many sellers don't know what they I have I notice and often mis identify them on sale.

Otherwise you won't go wrong buying a new A20 - they are unbelievably good and with the later Bluetooth, connect to most portable devices too.

Hope this helps?

All the best,