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Nov 15, 2020

ProFlight Series 2 Hearing Protection

Bose puts a lot of emphasis in their marketing material and product manuals on the comfort and audio quality features of the ProFlight Series 2, but not a lot of mention on the hearing protection features or noise reduction ratings to prevent noise induced hearing loss.  Since one of the major functions of an aviation headset is hearing protection, I’m hoping that somebody from Bose can address this (and hoping that this is the best place to pose this question).  The only mention of the subject I’ve seen says that no NRR value is given due to testing methodology differences for ANR systems versus passive systems and differences between the EPA and ANSI standards.  Basically, will the Proflight Series 2 prevent noise induced hearing loss across the human hearing frequency spectrum?  Just because it seems quiet while wearing the headset, does that mean that your hearing is being protected?  Thank’s in advance for the response, and moderators, if you are unable to answer this or if this isn’t the best place for the question then could you please direct me to who is.  I’m very interested in purchasing the headset but want to ensure my hearing is protected.


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ProFlight Series 2




Re: ProFlight Series 2 Hearing Protection

Hi ThomasCro,


At Bose we don't make claims about specific levels of noise reduction from our aviation headsets, so we would not be able to provide information on how effective they are at preventing noise-induced hearing loss. The active noise cancellation on the headsets is designed to significantly reduce ambient noise allowing you to lower the radio volume and hear what you need to hear.


I hope this helps.

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