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Apr 15, 2020

Proflight not working

When plugged into the aircraft everything works except I hear nothing from the headphones from the aircraft radios and the mic isn't working either. The ANC works well just no interaction with the aircraft. No sound through the headset from the aircraft and no sound from the headset mic through the aircraft speakers. . Please supply an address to send to for repair. I bought the headset in 2018. I don't mind paying for it to be fixed. I obviously did some trouble shooting with battery replacement and different sides of the aircraft to plug into. Also tried a different aircraft and no luck. Please advise. I am in Hong Kong


Re: Proflight not working

Hey @macmahi,


Sorry to hear you're facing some difficulties using the ProFlight headset. I'm glad to hear you've taken the initiative to try certain troubleshooting already.


However, at this stage, as you may expect, it'd be worth contacting local support to discuss how to proceed with the service option. You'll be able to find contact information HERE - please let me know if you have any trouble or further questions regarding this.

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