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May 11, 2020

Squealing noise only when using new a20 and old a20

Hi, I have about a 5 year old a20bt that works great. II recently purchased a new a20-bt for copilot and get a screaching noise when its plugged in. If I turn the anc on both head sets it goes away but there is some static feedback and it kills both sets of batteries. I've tryed to used many other headsets in my aircraft and only seem to have the problem when plugging the newest a20 in. Is there a setting I'm forgetting about?


Re: Squealing noise only when using new a20 and old a20

Hello Wwylie10, 


Welcome to the forums. 


I am so sorry that you are having this issue, can I please ask what aircraft and radio you are using? Also, it would be great to know, does the new headset exhibit the same problem in other aircraft?


I look forward to your reply!

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Mar 12, 2020

Re: Squealing noise only when using new a20 and old a20

Hi Wwylie10,

I would support Vicky's question and have the following to add.

You may have tried this but will ask anyway:-

The two Headsets are technically similar and there should be no reason for the issues you are having due to new and old. The user settings are 'Stereo/Mono' and 'Auto Off' in the little Control Box in the Lead.

May I ask - do they both have the same Mics? i.e. Electret or Low Impedance?

Have you tried using just the new A20 in your position and on it's own? If so, and its OK, what happens when you then plug the 'older' A20 into the Co-Pilot position?  Assume you are putting them on your Heads as they will most likely feedback if not worn?

What Aircraft and Intercom/Radio are you using? And, are they 'powered' with Lemo 6 Pin or NATO or just the Dual Plugs and no Aircraft powering them except Batteries?

If you come back with that info, it may help with answers from the Community?

Best regards,